We are happy to say as a family owned business, that we can make special accommodations and flexible times for pick ups and drop offs. No more having to board an extra day just because the office is closed. Your pet is not only treated like family during their stay, but they become part of it. We want them to feel safe and happy throughout thier stay. On your first day,you and your pet will be escorted back to one of are play areas where he/she will be greeted by one of are staff members. The staff member will then faciliate your pets introduction to the rest of the group. For safety and well being for your pet, we do what we call a slow introduction. Your dog meets one or two other dogs in intervals rather than meeting all of the dogs at the same time, which can be overwhelming. Some dogs will immediately make new friends and have fun playing all day long, however it is also normal if it takes a couple of sessions before your dog really comes out of his/her shell. Although daycare is not a good fit for every dog, most dogs have a terrific time and make lots of great friends!
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